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Mattia Susani, a chef who joined Chiuma’s after extensive experience at the Roof Garden in Bergamo, and the Unico in Milan under chef Fabrizio Ferrari, helms the kitchen.

Susani works alongside sous chef Nicola Viola who began his career at the Sail Inn restaurant, specializing in the processing of flours and doughs, with a particular emphasis on high-end pastry making.  

This new restaurant is enhanced by consultations with Chef Fabrizio Ferrari of the Unico restaurant in Milan and sommelier Davide Valerio who, in addition to working at the latter, also boasts three years of experience at London’s Water Side Inn and Sartoria Restaurant, and the Taverna Siciliana in Madrid, Spain.

Creative Neapolitan cuisine

Marco’s love of his heritage and classic Neapolitan cooking – combined with his chefs’ quest for innovation – have culminated  in a creative, original menu, infused with the typical flavours of Campania but re-imagined with inventive aromas and pairings that have forged a distinct culinary path.

In addition to Pasta e Fagioli (Pasta and Beans) in a crock pot, there’s open lasagne with a prawn, saffron and majoram ragù sauce. Stir-fried mussels, squid and prawns are featured alongside calzoncelli (folded-over pizza stuffed with ricotta and sausage) and fried pizza. Chiuma’s fish dishes, expressed to perfection in its Gran Crudo di pesce (raw fish platter), are one of its ‘musts’.

Chiuma's ristorante napoletano a Milano

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