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Our History

Chiuma's ristorante napoletano a Milano

Chiuma’s is the brainchild of Marco Chiumenti who wanted to fulfill his dream of continuing his family’s tradition. In the mid-19th century, Marco’s great grandmother owned one of the most beautiful and elegant restaurants in Naples, the Regina d’Italia! Located just steps from Palazzo Reale, it was frequented by King Umberto I of Savoy and his wife Margherita, as well as other important guests.

Although the restaurant was destroyed during World War I, the Chiumenti family’s passion for good-quality Neapolitan food persisted. Today Marco, assisted by his wife Floriana Fedeli, has fulfilled his dream of salvaging that heritage of taste, culture and tradition by giving new life to a restaurant, whose dishes blend old-world Neapolitan flavours with New Age innovation.


The Restaurant

Chiuma’s is located in Milan’s Portello district, whose rapidly changing face is gradually transforming it into one of the city’s most interesting hubs.

The restaurant’s elegant ambience, enhanced by a glam mosaic counter, also embodies this idea of innovation and creativity. Its eye-catching décor, featuring an excellent blend of design and comfort, further entices diners to share the joy of good food. Cosy yet welcoming, its spaces are imbued with an international feel.

Chiuma’s is a perfect setting for lunch or dinner, a business meeting, a relaxed evening with friends or a romantic dinner.

The upper floor is an exclusive, intimate space that seats up to 34 diners. The lower floor, on the other hand, has 16 place settings divided up among larger tables for those in search of a more convivial experience.

Chiuma's ristorante napoletano a Milano

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