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– Normal and smoked buffalo mozzarella from Campania with tomatoes 13,00€
– Pata Negra 36 months red label with normal and smoked buffalo mozzarella from Campania with pickled onions 19,00€
– Mixed cold cuts with normal and smoked buffalo mozzarella from Campania with pickled onions 23,00€

– Tittoli** (fried polenta) 9,00€
– Calzoncello (folded-over pizza stuffed with ricotta and sausage) and fried pizza 11,00€
– Mixed seafood appetizer*/** 20,00€
– Sea bass ceviche and lentils, mozzarella milk* 16,00€
– Shrimp tartare with fennel preserve and crunchy orange-flavoured fennel* 16,00€
– Beef tartare with artichokes* 16,00€

– Genovese** ( Ziti pasta with onion stew ) 14,00€
– Green paccheri (home made) pasta with swordfish, tomatoes, olives, pine nuts and mint** 17,00€
– Neapolitan candele (home made) pasta with slipper lobster** 25,00€
– Scialatielli (home made) pasta with clams and Provolone cheese** 17,00€
– Spaghettoni (home made) with sea urchin, black garlic and fresh chilli pepper** 18,00€
– Neapolitan pasta and potatoes in a crock pot 14,00€
– Ravioli (home made) pasta filled with ricotta cheese and Neapolitan ragu 16,00€
– Testaroli pasta basil sauce, tomatoe confit snd caciocavallo cheese 15,00€

– Grilled octopus with chestnuts, mushrooms and paprika mushed potatoes** 20,00€
– Stir-fried mussels, squid and prawns* 20,00€
– Fried fish*/** 22,00€
– Fish of the day cooked in the kamado*/** 20,00€

– Soft and crunchy suckling pig 23,00€
– Beef cheek cooked in dark beer, honey and lemon sauce 20,00€
– Beef in pepper sauce with grilled polenta 18,00€
– Costata T-bone steak 500gr cooked in the kamado with potatoes 35,00€
– Sliced roast beef steak cooked in the kamado with chips 20,00€
– Grilled hanger steak with aromatic salt 18,00€

– Scarola ( sauted vegetable with garlic, pine nuts, raisins and olives ) 6,00€
– Fried aubergines with tomatoes and basil 6,00€
– Fried zucchini with mint and vinegar 6,00€
– Fresh potato chips 6,00€

– Chocolate cupcake filled with a hot dark chocolate sauce on a bed of vanilla cream 7,00€
– Rum babà** 7,00€
– Ice-cream parfait** 7,00€
– Tiramisù 7,00€
– Dessert of the day 7,00€
– Lemon/mango sorbet 4,00 with rum or vodka 5,00€

Cover charge 3,00€

Dear Customer,
Our dining staff is available to provide you with any information regarding the nature and origin of our ingredients as well as the cooking methods used to prepare the dishes listed on our menu.
Before placing your order, please inform your server if one of your party has a food allergy.
The allergenic substances listed in the ingredients book are witten in bold. When preparing food in the kitchen, we cannot exclude the possibility of cross contamination. As a result, our dishes might contain the following allergenic substances, in accordance with reg. UE 1169/11 Appendix II:
1.Cereals containing gluten,
2.Crustaceans and crustacean-based products,
3.Eggs and egg-based products,
4.Fish and fish-based products,
5.Peanuts and peanut-based products,
6.Soya and soya-based products,
7.Milk and milk-based product,
9.Celery and celery-based products,
10.Mustard and mustard-based products,
11.Sesame seeds and sesame seed-based products,
12.Sulphur dioxide and sulphates,
13.Lupin and lupin-based products,
14.Mollusks and mollusk-based products.

* As outlined in the procedures of the Self-Monitoring Manual in accordance with Reg. EC 852/04, several of our fresh, homemade products are treated by flash-freezing or frozen or flash-frozen at origin.

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